All that is, runs only on one source code.
All this source code contains, is based on the seven laws of the universe:

The Law of Attention
The Law of Oneness
The Law of Conservation AND Vibration
The Law of Gender Balance
The Law of Synchronization
The Law of Relativity
The Law of Cause and Effect

All that we did here until now, 
is experiencing a world of duality, 
generated by this source code,
expanded and multiplied 
in fractals through entropy.

All that you know is based on your experience,
all that you know until now, 
is a world where humanity
experiences separation, lack, and fear.

NOW, everything changes. 
There is a new unseen experience 
coming for this world.
For you. For everyone. 
Pure Oneness.

A new Source Code has been installed.
The shift is as incredible as simple.
Only one little tweak is made.
The law of cause and effect no longer operates separately
from the rest of the laws.
It is reintegrated into the whole. Into us.
The end of conditions and conditional thinking.

Goodbye karma. 
Good bye consequences.

Can you feel it?
Can you feel your consciousness expanding?

The new Source Code 
is already working through you.
It is already shifting you.
It was already pre-installed in your DNA.

Here and now is where a new experience starts:
The magical world of the new You.


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*Absolicious ART by Shubham Dhage