Everyone wants to be a butterfly, but almost no one wants to go through the pain-full transformation….

What if we looked at pain with a whole different perspective? What if we made it our friend?

Pain tells us when something wants to align, it alerts us that there is something to look at. It screams louder when we ignore it and when we move further away from our inner balance.

Pain does not want to hurt us, it is our energetic and our physical body communicating with us. It comes in many forms, be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Many people do almost anything to distract themselves from pain, because we have learned that pain in something bad and unhealthy, something that makes you weak, and something to be afraid of and be worried about. They are trying to control and defeat it.

Other people are so in love with their pain story that they get addicted to it. Being a victim at least offers some attention and comfort of others. They are trying to manipulate people into their drama.

Both ways represent an unhealthy relationship with pain.
Whether we ignore it, we fight it, we numb it, we try to push through it, we project it onto other people or circumstances, whether we find excuses for it and/or identify with stories to explain the pain or to receive attention, we are not accepting it and are not listening carefully to it.

Pain is the best and most challenging teacher to accept and love the NOW moment. To surrender and to embrace what wants to be seen, heard, and felt.

Yet, we have learned to escape the NOW, to escape our pain and not take responsibility for it. So we keep on moving further out of balance.

The moment we appreciate pain as a part of us that wants to support us and show us something, when we start understanding this language, pain becomes our best friend.

Pain is loving us unconditionally and patiently, whether we listen or not. It keeps sending its signals as reminders to love ourselves. To put ourselves first. To make necessary changes to re-establish our inner balance. For our inner return to self-love.

Pain does not hurt us, it does not make us suffer, unless we attach a story to it.

Pain is our best friend reminding us of our potential and showing us the door to our essence and truth. It teaches us to not compromise our essence for the sake of survival, for being accepted and loved.

Pain is our growth agent, our personal cheerleader to expand, to transform, and to return to ourselves and our inner peace. To be the butterfly we are meant to be.

*Absolicious ART by 愚木混株CDD20