Conditions automatically create separation, expectation and co-dependency – trading and negotiating our worth and the worth of others using each other to reach or change something outside of us. 
From the outside in based on mistrust and fear. It leads to control and being controlled, to victims and perpetrators, to use and being used, to sell truth, beliefs and opinions, putting pricetags on the individual identity (masks). 

Unconditional sharing automatically creates oneness, trust and interdependency recognizing our worth and the worth of others amplifying each other to connect with each other from the inside out based on deep inner knowing. It leads to freedom and empowered individuals appreciating each other in community, inspiring through their lifestyle, no pricetags needed. 

As much as we desire to have the best of both worlds, keeping the comfort zone until the unconditional has evolved, you cannot mix conditional with unconditional. It will always end up in the old world of co-dependency and abuse and a deep inner split between two dimensions. We jump or we don’t, we cannot surf two timelines in parallel, unless we want to be ripped apart. 
With this set up, we keep questioning our value and are reinforcing mistrust in the world in general, because we still hope for someone else to solve it for us, and we can settle in the nice and soft bed somebody already made for us. This hope keeps us moving from disappointment to disappointment – and frustration to frustration with the world and people, because we still cannot accept that it is all entirely our own creation what we experience on the outside. 

The world is perfect as it is. Until we start seeing its borders and start outgrowing it, getting a glimpse of a different dimension. The first logical approach of the mind is to convince others of what we can see, try to change the world and to change people by using its conditional mechanics and dynamics. (If this then that – darkness and light, good and evil). Conspiracy theories, the mission to bring light into the world… We try to heal, to coach, to activate, to meditate for peace and unity, to eliminate the dark forces etc . We come up with new dogmas – in short: we still try to manipulate the outside of us. 

Until we are too worn out to continue like this and we let go. Completely and whole-heartedly. Because we experience that there is nothing or no one to be changed. 
We realize that we created this reality to experience duality and with it lack and separation. We realize that it is in equilibrium, darkness and light – by people stealing energy from each other instead of sharing it. Those are the dynamics of this dimension. This frequency band. 
A huge bootcamp to learn what we are not and to remember and embody unity, unconditional love and our essence. 

We accept that each individual has their own experience and dynamics in this bootcamp, that cannot be influenced from the outside in. They activate and become aware when it is their moment – from the inside out – not because we want them to or we made them to. We understand that it was our own deep hidden fear of lack and unworthiness that was reflected back to us through them, and all we can do is share our experience to leave breadcrumbs for others, ready to be picked up when it is their moment. 

And then we realize that there is a completely new way that has literally nothing to do with the old. It is unconditional from the very core and is yet to be co-created and built together with others who have completely let go of the conditional world we used to know as our reality. We shift our focus completely away from the old to the brand new. Together we share this deep inner knowing of the new, we create with those who are understanding and embodying the unconditional, ready to play and fly together. One Unit acting as one Superorganism. 
We share our essence without any conditions, agendas or plans. We appreciate each other for who we are, not for what we could be useful for. 

The seed of this new world (Absolutia) is already planted. With each individual contributing with water and nutrients, it will grow organically. No leader necessary. It is lead by the Source Code, a set of values that are lived and embodied together. Simplicity at its finest. 

It is all here already. All the people and resources, it is merely a matter of putting the puzzle pieces and dreamers of the new together. We ARE DOing it. 

“So tell me… how are you planning on saving the world? – We are not meant to save the world, we are meant to build a new inspiring one” – The Magician

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