Who would have thought, how quickly the world can be turned upside down. We are witnessing a lot of fear and panic, as the comfort zone of the whole collective has been basically deleted. We are collectively facing “the unknowable”. 

We can observe a lot of doubt in the field, as our foundations are shaking, whether in the 3D earthly collective or in the 4D spiritual collective. 

Doubt – as everything in duality – has two sides to it. It can lead to sheer panic, and an outer search to confirm one’s belief systems, to calm our mind so it can continue to be right, to keep ourselves distracted and busy, …to escape the current reality,  be it conspiracy, be it dystopian scenarios, be it savior narratives, (the government, the businesses, the FED, ETs, Nessara, the Angels etc), be it alcohol/drugs or other addictions… 

Or – it can lead into an exploration of the inner world. Feeling into what this is showing to me as an individual, my resistances, my expectations, my fears, my judgments, my blaming, my guilt,… 

Showing to us what our collective fears are, as a result of our collective co-creation (including the virus) of the world of today. There is no one to blame – as we have all participated and played that game and kept it alive with it. 

The situation invites us to re-think and re-feel everything we thought to be true. To contemplate on our lives and how we have been living.

It invites us to step out of the world as it was until today collectively, to make space for new ways, new ideas, new inspiration. 

The situation creates the necessary space to not be distracted and busy all the time. To remember and to focus on what is the true value is in life. We have been so busy chasing money, success, attention and “love” (conditional), and no matter how far we got, it was never enough and we unconsciously cultivated greed and competition. 

We forgot what is really important, and what we actually desire: unconditional love, self-care, rest, community, partnership, creativity, sharing, caring for each other, playing, nature, art, joy, inner peace and being allowed to be who we are, without having to compromise on our essence. 

This halt is a huge opportunity for humanity to shift into a new paradigm. We are growing up to be childlike again. To drop all the seriousness, the greed, the need to protect, the need to own, the need to fight for or against, the need to be right, the need to be the best, the comparison, etc. Living in the moment with our hearts open, taking it as it comes. Rediscovering and plugging into our connection to everyone and everything in this Universe, align with the universal/natural/organic cycles and dynamics.  Remembering that each one of us has a major effect on the collective experience and reality (butterfly effect, 100 monkey effect).

This situation invites us to be brave to go new ways, and embark on a quest to our absolute version. Facing and embracing our fears and our emotions that come with it. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and drop the armor we have been put around our hearts. Allowing ourselves to let go of any belief systems that kept us trapped in a loop of separation, judgment, guilt, shame, blame, expectations and needing to be right. We are invited to transform all differences and opinion into an appreciation of diversity and the essence of everyone beyond their conditioning, be it religious, political, relationships, sex, business, finances, economy, education, technology, spiritual, conspiracy and so on. All of them are linear storylines/narratives based on duality/co-dependency, we chose to play. The moment we got attached to them with our linear mind, they formed a belief system. 

The new world is about writing new organic narratives based on oneness and unconditional living that we play from the heart. 

We are in a choice point/zero-point as each individual: Do I focus on the outside world, factors, narratives and drama, to continue playing duality, or do I focus on my inner world, to transform conditioning/fear that I still carry within. Do I take responsibility, or do I project my lack of responsibility onto others? Do I own my part in this or do I give my power away to a narrative? 

The moment we detach from any outside narrative, we are free. We are unconditional. 

The new world is available, right here, right now. You carry it all within. Time for spring cleaning in our inner paradigm, and release and transform what has served its purpose and is no longer relevant. 

* Amazing Art by 愚木混株CDD20

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