Come home. 

Come together.

Play together. 

Create inspiring beauty together. 


This gate is the door to a gathering.

A gathering of those ready to take inspired action.

A gathering of the collective of ascended misfits.

It is a gathering similar to the last Avengers. Or to the last Star Wars. People with the same dream and vision doing it together. People who know that magic exists and happens every day. That the impossible is possible.
The difference: It is not about fighting anymore. It is about building. The new foundations for a new inspiring world. 

We are gathering for a reason. To explore and bring Absolutia to physical life together. To live the absolicious life together. The collective QUEST for Absolutia has begun.

This is a gathering of people who know their essence, who are aligned with the spirit of FF Movement, fully committed to embody the Source Code, and are READY to PLAY!

Now is the moment…

… to reconnect to people on the same wavelength.

… to be together, connect and exchange online on a unique “Quest Platform”.

… to compile the “Atlas of Absolutia” together.

… to be together, and exchange offline in “The Offspring”.


Share your essence and join the QUEST, and board the Quest Platform as ALL-IN PLAYER.

Before hitting the START button below, for your own ease, and with respect of your essence and empowerment, please read the PRE-BOARDING checklist carefully. You are entering brand-new, unknowable territory after all!

Everything inside you is still screaming: “YES, I AM PART OF THIS AND I WANNA PLAY!”


Press the START button below to JOIN the QUEST!

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“We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do. I’m interested in one thing, Neo, the future. And believe me, I know – the only way to get there is together.”The Oracle

*Amazing Art by Pablo Carpio