We are about to experience some big shifts in this so-called dualistic reality (The Matrix). The current construct is undergoing some major rewriting for a new release. It is recoded and upgraded to a new Source Code.

The purpose: The Great Awakening of humanity, as one experiment comes to a close (The experience of duality), and a new experiment is launched (experiencing oneness) after the beta-testing of a small group of individuals has been successful.

The challenge: To upgrade and re-engineer the hardware (in this case the physical bodies) for a transition from one game environment to the next to not have to build from scratch (basically meaning without an extinction of the whole structure).

The reality as we perceive it is always based on a source code that defines the basic algorithm the overall program runs on. From there, a multitude of narratives is designed and written. Individual and collective storylines that the mind logs into for a physical experience to occur.

On a sidenote: It is a common spiritual practice to leave the body to completely detach from a physical experience. The question is – why would you be incarnated in the first place if you did not embrace your physicality. It often becomes a spiritual bypassing, rejecting an experience that was designed (by yourself) to remember your divinity and to prepare for full embodiment of your divine essence.

To put it in Morpheus’ ( The Matrix) words: “The body cannot live without the mind.” What he does not mention is a third player to complete the physical trinity: The heart. Embodiment refers to our full becoming of our God-Self in form. It starts with what you perceive as „YOU“, an individual aspect of the WHOLE.

But it does not stop there. It is a complete alignment and reconnection of all aspects of the WHOLE. All aspects you see and perceive in your reality, are aspects of this WHOLE, the ALL, the SELF, the SOURCE, GOD…. there are many words to refer to the all encompassing intelligence we are all an integral part of.
In the construct of the third and fourth dimensional reality, the mind has been designated to be in the lead.

This construct was specifically established to experience duality – what happens when the atom is split. In this realm, all narratives have been pre-designed, and an illusion of choice/free will had been created for you to engage in and attach to certain narratives.

This attachment formed your belief systems, your sense of morality, your behavioural patterns, and your perception of what is right and wrong. It defined your identites and roles to give you a sense of separation and importance. You were enslaved to your attachments and kept re-creating more of the same reality loops. This programming that governed your mind is often referred to as ego. The whole point of this construct was for you to experience separation from source, to see through all the illusions and to remember oneness.

The software environment of duality was designed as a hall of mirrors to see yourself and remember yourself as the creator of this big dream. It was designed for you by you, to find the access point into a new experience that you would not appreciate and value without the experience of separation, lack and fear. You’ve travelled far, you’ve read and researched a lot on your individual quest to find something you were looking for. The question of „Who am I“ kept you going. Until you realized that you have had the key with you all the time to access a completely new experience: Your Heart. The heart is what aligns you with a new environment. Once it becomes strong enough to take over the lead, your mind and body will start to transform in order to embark on this new heart based journey.

What we are witnessing right now – is the re-engineering of the old matrix construct – updating to a new source code to end the experiment of duality, and to start the new experiment of embodied oneness. The mind needs the narratives for this transition, as it needs continuity to step by step send new signals to the physical body for a complete transformation while deleting and releasing old data (through emotions). The physical body cannot go through this at once (remember, the mind cannot live without the body, and vice versa), it is a step by step process to declutter and delete old software patterns that have been written into the mind and the muscle memory, to make space for the integration of new software patterns to be able to read the new signals from the new Source Code. By updating the matrix – the awakening of the mind and the rememberance will be catalysed, always remaining on the edge of what a human being is still able to handle and process – although it might sometimes feel like too much to take.

The new environment will have narratives as well that we are writing as we go, from moment to moment. How boring would experience be without narratives? Just look at children – they create narratives every day, to play without getting attached to the role and to the experience (until we teach them to develop attachments).

The difference is that these new narratives are based on the new Source Code, and therefore the experience will have literally nothing to do with what we already know from duality. Many cognitive dissonances to crash the old program and belief systems around “how this world works” are going to be the new normal for a while.

Being aware of the fact that these are nothing but narratives that need to play out for all of us to transition from an old to a new experiment is calming the mind that still might want to follow some old impulses to keep engaging in old fear and duality based stories, as it fears the falling away of the old comfort zones. Take and process the triggers as they come, by dropping into your heart and feel what needs to be felt and released. This way, you overcome the gravity that keeps you “heavy” and logged into the matrix.

Maybe you can see that this is inevitable and necessary to transition over into the new game. Nothing of the old can come with you other than your magnificent, remarkable and unique essence. Together, we will write new narratives and storylines – from a place of childlike innocence – without any attachments to anything or anyone. Together, we play, we enjoy, we share, and we create a new world the way we love it to be. The experience of duality was necessary for us to appreciate our diversity and to discover what we truly love and who we truly are.

Our incredible journey has only just begun.

*Absolicious Image Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) from Westworld