” Imagine all the people living life in peace.”

The legendary utopian world that John Lennon paints with his song “Imagine” already exists. Where? In a higher dimension. We can almost touch it. We can see it in our visions. We can feel it. It is sitting there, ready to be downloaded and embodied. 

” Phantasia has no boundaries.”

Just as the land of imagination, fantasy and creativity in the Neverending Story has no boundaries, this new utopian world is limitless. The more we allow creativity, imagination and play, the more colorful and beautiful it will be.  

It is the NEW GAME. Where the forces of polarity reunite in a beautiful dance of infinite possibilities brought into form. Where the boundaries between fantasy and reality no longer exist. Where we live, share, play and create beauty together in harmony. 


Where we love and value each other for who we are, not for what we could be useful for. Where we value people and experiences. Where we live here and now. Where we take care of each other and of our community. Where we don’t need rules, control or leaders, because we fully embody and live in alignment with the values and principles we share. Where things are nothing but toys and tools to create, build, have fun and share. So everyone can thrive. 

Life in Absolutia is simply absolicious! 

It starts small, but is the firestarter of a whole new civilization. A new earth. 

It is obvious that it is not possible to create this in the old world, in an old way. Many have tried it and ended up building a bubble that burst or will burst. You can’t mix dimensions. Again… it’s physics. Anything created in the old world will follow the old signals and dynamics of cause and effect, and separation. It will apply conditions. You end up negotiating, trading, selling, and buying again, fighting against or for things, needing to implement rules, laws and control – again. It’s a given. 

And if it fits into the old world – it is not new. It is just another bubble. Like NEOM. Like Auroville. Like Findhorn. Like the Ubuntu Village. Like Habitas. And many more. 

So how does Absolutia look like?

See, that’s the cool thing! We don’t know yet! At least not in the big picture. We started feeling it. We started exploring it. We started compiling what we already discovered in the Atlas of Absolutia. 

But of course we cannot know how this looks yet. Because it is a multi-player game. YOU have a puzzle piece you bring, so do many others! 

We know one thing though. It is based on new signals and dynamics of unity and sharing. That is the seed, and where it grows from.

Amongst many other things, the most important part of the Atlas is the Source Code. It is written into the foundation of Absolutia. The base vibe. The values. The purpose. The dynamics. The structure… 

It is nothing to just skim over. It is something to sit with, and to read with full presence. After reading it, you’ll know if you are already a part of this. You can dive right into it here:

“Utopia is nothing more than a truth that the world is not yet ready to hear.” 

– Yann-Arthus Bertrand

*Amazing Art by Alena Aenami