There is nothing that is random;
Everything has purpose
If not 
it doesn’t exist.

A virus’ purpose is 
to infect 
and destroy 
A host
using a vulnerability.

Before the Black Death plague
as I wrote already before
Humanity was living under
2 roofs:
God and Science.
The Yersinia pestis bacteria 
collapsed both roofs.
The collapse empowered
the survivors.
And catalysed
the Renaissance.

In the post Renaissance era,
there are
3 roofs:
God in a religious traditionalist way;
Science in an extremely evolved way;
And spirituality in a gazillions of ways.

The 3 roofs share the same vulnerability:

In entropy your code is always focusing 
your attention on survival.
It is inevitable.
Your whole body is busy all day;
Reacting and Preventing.
The reptilian (Basal Ganglia),
the paleomammalian (Limbic System),
and the neomammalian (Neocortex),
regions of the “triune brain”,
are 24/7 driving your life;
To compete
To perform
To excel
To do whatever is necessary 
In order to
Feel safe
And To survive.
You do not have to think about it.
It is totally unconsciously.

The new Virus makes you have 
an extra dose of faith
In your roof.
This Faith reinforcement
Makes your roof more heavy,
Compressing you
Until it collapses over you.

until you realise that the safety roof
is an illusion.
And you start learning to live
A life with an
unseen before
in uncertainty.

Uncertainty makes you live truly in the now.
How comfortable you are
with uncertainty
will tell if you are compressing 
into the the blackhole 
or expanding 
into the horizon of the blackhole.

Last but not least,
The three roofs are sharing
common columns:
The same financial system. 
This virus is not here,
Only to collapse the roof,
As it happened before
with the Feudal System.

Are always painful.
Sure. No doubt.
But only in the fresh
comfort of uncertainty 
You will feel truly alive.
The reward 
of thriving 
is priceless.
And it means that
forever you’ll be free
Of any roof constructors.

*Absolicious ART by Markus Spiske