(written and published in January 2020)

The Breakdown is inevitable. The Breakthrough, too. We are not focused on saving or changing the old world or anyone in it. Why? Because it is impossible. Duality will continue to play out until it destroys itself. It is physics. It is entropy. The second law of thermodynamics. Trying to change it is wasting your energy for zero effect.

The old world and with it its whole system and dynamics are set up as a Single Player Game for survival, for resources, and money. Where greed is your biggest success factor. Where everybody is cheating on others (on themselves). We all know the drill. We’ve all played Monopoly. No matter how good we have become at playing that game, it continues to leave a bitter taste in the mouth. It is not sustainable and never will be. It will always feel incomplete. A neverending void inside. Because money can’t buy you love.

The Breakdown is inevitable. The Breakthrough, too.The old world of today has become a boring and predictable board game. What goes up, must come down. What goes around comes around. All we can do is observe how the old relentlessly continues to phase out. Why? Because it is not aligned with the laws of nature, physics and the universe. It is not in harmony. It is based on man-made, linear dynamics of cause and effect – a result when polarity is separated into opposing forces: Duality.

This results in a world of separation and conditions. Everything and everyone is conditional and is working against each other and/or co-depending on each other for survival. The old system does not align with the harmonics of nature. It abuses and exploits nature without returning anything. It is destined to self-destruct: Cause and effect.

So what then? You gotta go back to the origin, and start from scratch to create something different, from a different level of consciousness.

“Every program that is created must have a purpose. If it does not, it is deleted.”
– Rama Kandra / Matrix Reloaded

*Absolicious ART by prettysleepy1