Zero point (now moment) is where timelines, narratives and whole worlds are born and where they collapse and implode. It is the origin, the source of all possibilities. As long as we engage (mentally, emotionally and physically) in timelines, narratives and worlds – we keep (re)creating them, based on what we already know (incl. akashic records).

The moment we can return to zero-point (mentally, emotionally and physically) without any attachments to a former creation, we are free and limitless.

I have gone all the way back to the origin. After many attempts of changing or shifting the world and people, I realized the impossibility of it. I had to completely crash. I had to lose everything and people I loved so much. I realized how attached I was to a certain outcome, to ideals, to people’s behaviour, and to certain ideas of how it all should be done.

I had to go all the way back, unravel every single conditioning, belief and comfort zone I had, and let it go. Until I came into full zero-point with a full inner trust that we cannot know how the new world is unfolding.

We have just begun to gather and align in zero-point, to then create a heart-centered world of unity. A world where we all know you are me and I am you and we all are.

I needed to be stripped naked, I had to learn that it is not only okay, but the healthiest and most liberating thing ever to be completely naked. No masks, no possessions, no expectations, no attachments, no mission, no needs or wants, no judgment, no opinion, no guilt or shame. Purity. Trust. All inner (and therefore outer) conflict collapsed into one.

Metatron and Lucifer reunite within as we integrate all of our own shadows, doubts and fears. Until then, until we remember our oneness, until we remember the origin, the source, the zero-point, we all keep playing angel and devil for each other. Individually and collectively.

It was then, and only then – when I was able to let go of a dysfunctional relationship with the now moment as it presented itself, feeling at peace with it no matter what, trusting and knowing that it is happening for me, and that I can create and collapse realities from this inner place. The only difference between re-creation and collapse is a reaction vs. a reflection.

All that is left is joy, play, curiosity, unity, innocence and an absolute knowing that nothing will be the same, and that the limits I have perceived were only conditions placed into my mind and body.

The only mission there is is enjoying life, and be YOU. Sharing your essence with all these wonderful, beautiful different aspects of you. You are me, I am you. We all are.
All we know is that we know nothing. We all meet in zero-point – collapsing into one.

We are no longer listening to (akashic)records. We are recording.

“To be original – you have to go back to the origin” ~ Antoní Gaudí

Camp Freedom, Mt. Shasta/California/Planet Earth