About Oneness and Self-Sourcing

I feel so inspired today to share all these epiphanies I had during the past days. When I sat at the beach today, listening to a track of Oracle Girl about Self-Sourcing, all pieces fell into place. It was the first time I had opened up to assistance from someone „out there“, since a long time. I’ll get back to that later and how significant this was for me. This text basically is a co-creation with oracle girl, so thank you very much for this „code-sharing“! 
Ever since my physical body was basically locked into the purgatory space / the void, it is amazing what is happening. While the whole outside reality falls apart, and I am basically reaching the reset to zero on all physically visible levels / zero-point (zero movement, zero funds, zero data on the phone, zero physical social contact other than with Agustí who is going through a similar process, zero everything that somehow mattered to „survive“ for the physical body). 

The physical body is literally being locked in, and not able to escape the transformation any longer. No distractions. Whether it likes it or not, it is forced to sit with all the pain and fear of survival. Any cellular memory held within shows up with full force. Eckhard Tolle would speak about the pain body being in rage because it does not get any fuel to feed from an external source. It screams, wants to prompt me into finding solutions, begging someone out there for help, so we can afford or find us a home, to buy some food, to buy a ticket to somehwere, to have someone taking care of us, to find a job,…. endless screaming and spiraling, the physical trapped in a cage, going through a very intense form of excorcism. Every pattern still held in the cells is shown to be transformed. The physical body goes through waves of intense anger, resistance and then surrender again at a ridiculous rate. Each time that I catch myself having my focus mentally in past or future, emotionally on some world drama taking place, physically on a pain I experience, or spiritually calling to the heavens for help, I bring myself back into my physical body. Right here, right now. I completely tune into the feeling and physical experience of „I AM pure unconditional love“. This leads to an emotional release, and after that stillness, and becoming one with the void that felt so uncomfortable before. 

In those phases of stillness, of being here and now, creativity is so high, and creation is effortless. It flows through me, and beautiful designs and texts are just manifesting in front of me – I can’t even say how. Agustí and I co-create with that same effortlessness. It is magical. 

In those phases of stillness, I see it all with a clarity like never before. I see now that our physical body has been the missing piece to all of our questions. No wonder there are so many spiritual distractions out there, guiding us away from our physicality. It keeps us numb and paralyzed in the physical realm, as we basically disconnect and spend our time in higher realms. We are still following old patterns/spiritual belief systems, in our actions, or we completely deny action. Action and reflection go hand in hand. Of course, you can go higher and higher and higher, and tune into more and more and more information – but nothing will ever manifest or happen, when we do not focus and take inspired action at some point. If we enjoy „just being“ and reading information, although we have an amazing physical tool available – perfect! I know that is not where „my“ experience ends in this cycle.


How often do we say „with light and love“, or we are sending „light and love“ – are we really aware though what this actually means? Actually, until today, we have been mostly light OR love. 

Light is Consciousness – it is information, the masculine – Waves of light.
Love is Life Force – it is creativity, the feminine – Waves of sound. 

When they are separated – they don’t do much on their own. So far, we had embodied this separation – that is why we needed co-dependency and conditions/contracts/guarantees etc. in the physical form, to make sure we get enough light, or we get enough love (depending if we were set up with more masculine or more feminine energetic make up.) 

When they reunite, the same polarity creates unity instead of separation. And where do they reunite? Exactly: In the physical body. Within us. The physical body is our most powerful tool to create, and co-create, and it is our direct connection to unconditional love. 

Our consciousness reads pure light into our system and body (spiritual body, mental body, emotional body, physical body) and it reads it into our momentary set up of programming/patterning we have on all of these levels. The output is a distorted version of the information, interpreted and projected into our outside reality through our physical form, carrying those patterns. 

Consciousness does not transform anything! It just provides data/information. No matter what source of information we tap into – the angelic realms, the dragon realms, the galactic realms, the elemental realms, the underworld… – These are all sources that can bring us a lot of information, insights and power, and the lower we go, the more endless pain they can bring, but they keep us in a loop of duality, relying on an outer force or fighting against an outer force, and they keep being distorted in our reality field. They put us in a sort of physical paralysis and keep us in a separation of the spiritual and physical realm. 

Our open heart center reads pure love / life force into our system and body. And this is where it gets uncomfortable. It is why so many lock down their hearts again after such an intense experience of pure unconditional love. Our set up of programming in that moment cannot handle it. Life force is sound waves that make you remember your unique melody. Your unique essence. It works through your whole body (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), starting to repattern everything, by first unlocking the old patterns, to transport them out through emotional expression (which can get very messy and painful – especially in the beginning, when we still attach stories or belief systems to them/as the mental body is not cleansed completely). Life force purifies the whole system and at last the physical body, when we have energetically detached / unplugged from all sources outside of us. This does not only mean from other people or institutions we have been dependent on in the physical realm, it includes our guides, our higher self, our soul monad, our guardian angels, our galactic family, etc…. As we cleanse our system and patterning, and our belief/program of „outside in dynamics“ disappears, we realize how fragmented our physical existence was – spread into other sources in an illusion of human, and/or spiritual co-dependency. Each time we transmute a pattern, we reintegrate parts of these fractals physically, until we become fully self-sourcing (inner reunion of light and love/ masculine and feminine), and our magnetics shift to „inside out“. 


Man, there is so much confusion about what is self-sourcing. Of course – because the information is read through our old patterning of separation. So we define self-sourcing as having our own income and being independent from others. A friend of mine told me yesterday (I love you so much H.!), that she realized, the pride she had worn in being independent, and being able to do it on her own was actually a badge of separation. Oops.. yup #metoo… I was not really open for anyone to assist or share, unless I did not have any other choice anymore but to take it. I am very grateful I have overcome this resistance with oracle girl, it unlocked a whole new level of understanding and embodiment for me. This has really transformed this „pride“.

Yes, that is so true. With our pride, needing to define our strength and our value, we fall into another loop of separation – and… co-dependence. Because we need another source / a separate unit to pay for our worth/value and contribution. We are sourcing outside/in. Or – we wait for the galactics, the guides, the guardians in the spiritual realm – or the wayshowers, the gatekeepers etc. on the earthly realm to solve it for us: Co-dependency. We are compromising on our essence and our inner power, and we take pride in being the hero – doing it on our own, either just for us, or for the collective. (masculine), or to lean back and wait for others to do the job (feminine). 

So what the heck is SELF-SOURCING then? Self sourcing is to be directly connected through our physical body to our essence. The physical body is our vehicle to experience, feel,embody and express the alchemical marriage of light and love on all levels: Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We receive pure information, we speak with pure words, we feel with purity, and we act from our pure essence. We are and we act unconditionally: We share unconditionally – as conditions can only exist in the illusion of separation and lack. We are fully open to share unconditionally, and we are fully open to let others share with us unconditionally, as we feel no longer any separation and therefore co-dependency with „out there“. 

It is the dynamic of „inside out“. When we have physically reformed and repatterned our whole system – when the whole geometry is changed, we can read light/information with purity, and life force can flow through us effortlessly. That is inner reunion. That is self-sourcing / connected to our essence, our unique melody and to our higher mind/intelligence. Mind, heart and physical body co-create effortlessly. We are bringing in our piece to the puzzle with purity. As all patterns of separation dissolve, we synchronize, connect and gather with people who are vibing on this same pure frequency of oneness. We share, because we know we are all one aspect of the whole manifest in physical form / and we all bring a piece of the puzzle to co-create. We are no longer co-dependent. We are interdependent because we know we are not meant to do it alone, and sitting around waiting for someone else to solve it is not the solution either. We realize that the whole battle for survival between darkness and light was nothing but our own split of light and love within, manifest in the outside reality. 
Self-Sourcing means, that we take our place in the bigger picture of this organism of non-physical and physical aspects (humanity, earth, the universe, the galactics, the angelics, animals, plants, the elementals, rocks, water, the minerals etc.), and we effortlessly co-create a completely new realm of physical reality in unity. Each and everyone from the inside out. WE ARE I AM.

The „claim“ of my former website „The Wake Up Experience“ can finally be read without any distortion: „Be love, and share“. Be love (Embody unconditional love, be connected to your essence) and share (your puzzle pieces, your talents, gifts, abilities, energetic and physical resources). 
What a wonderful world this will be.

I keep enjoying the purgatory, as I go through this physical shift. 
I am so excited for what is already building up. 

I love you! 
I am love. 
I share.