Welcome to your personal, unique, tailor-made game: YOUR LIFE on PLANET EARTH.

This planet is your personal universal playground for your own evolution, learning and growth, very similar to Westworld. 

An interactive theme park full of incredible and original narratives to choose from and to engage in – adventures from the deepest darkness, to the brightest light. 

Billions of colourful, individual and collective narratives that always follow the same simple patterns, algorithms and coding.

Narratives that play out in your private life; the type of relationships you want to explore, what roles you will take on in your career, your circle of friends, the countries and locations you will discover, and so on. Multiple genres you can dive into allowing you to go as deep as you like. All of these narratives are designed as infinite rabbitholes, to keep your life interesting, your mind busy and to distract you from the actual purpose of your game. But we’ll get to that! 

First, let’s look at the basic ingredients for your life’s QUEST:

You are equipped with a free will to make your choices. The free will to either follow your own clever plan and intellectyour mind, or to follow a larger intelligence – your intuition and heart.  Before you start playing your game at your physical birth and you forget all of this, you must configure your avatar and design your adventure complete with challenges, lessons and experiences for this lifetime:

You design your avatar, with your looks, your personal superpowers, your weaknesses, your talents, your passion, and your interests.  

You set up your geographical, emotional, and mental access points into the QUEST as well!  

You choose the point in (linear) time you want to enter, the NOW moment! A plethora of choices will unfold before you: the Ice Age, the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, US Civil War, the French Revolution, World War II, the Industrial Revolution, Atlantis, the Alien Invasion, the Apocalypse, even the Galactic Family Reunion and much more! 

You choose your family, your childhood trauma patterns, your individual, social and cultural conditioning, if you want to be the victim and/or perpetrator, as well as your specific genetic make up.

You even choose the clues and hints you will give yourself during this game at specific moments, so that you start to question yourself and your life, in order to remember more and more of who you truly are. 

The exciting part is that you agree with co-players to play angel and devil, victim and perpetrator, for each other until all of you remember that life is a game. You agree to mirror your own beliefs and conditioning back to each other, and to support each other when it gets rough. Everybody and everything that triggers you is part of your personal QUEST! An opportunity for you to break through and see a much bigger picture. All that you experience is happening FOR you, so you can learn, expand and grow. 

Now, let’s go into the dynamics and experience of your QUEST:

Enveloped in beliefs, morals, and conditional thinking by your family, your school, your government, and your culture; you will learn your strategies to survive in this game. Strategies to prevent pain and to receive love. You become really good at it. Nailed it!

You play and engage in all these different narratives, thinking that is life and this is where you find your satisfaction and happiness. Until you are completely exhausted, so exhausted that you start questioning everything. ¨It can’t be that l keep chasing the dangling carrots but continue to feel empty and tired. There must be more!“ 

In that moment, the real purpose of the game is starting to be revealed to you.

It is when you literally feel a big ¨Fuck it!” I am done with playing the same game over and over again. I am done with this way of life. If I die, I don’t care either.“ 

You surrender completely. You let go.  

That is the tipping point. You shift from trying to allowing.

Then and only then, something unexpected happens. Life starts taking care of you. Magic happens out of thin air. You feel inner peace for the first time in your life.

You realize, the more you let life live you and you let go of control, the easier and more effortless it becomes. You start meeting more people with the same experience, playing the same QUEST to find out what life is all about. You have accepted the hard won truth: there is no escape, and nothing to achieve or to win.

The End of the QUEST:

It is then, when you realize, that you’ve tricked yourself with distraction. Distraction from yourself, from the inner journey back to your ESSENCE. The true, original, authentic you. The ABSOLUTE YOU! The childlike artist lying dormant inside of you.

The realization that it’s all you can take with you through the inter-dimensional blackhole to the new paradigm, to ABSOLUTIA. 

It is not about a goal. It is not about winning. Not about being faster, smarter or better. 

It is not about saving anyone, saving yourself or being saved. It is about your experience and your own evolution. Your conditioned, serious, worried, fearful grown up will stumble, fall and fail many times before you can truly SEE and dissolve that old version of you. You will need to forget everything you thought to be true. You are going back to the ORIGIN. 

Your personal QUEST was set up as a single-player game, running on the algorithm of cause and effect, to give you the illusion of conditions and consequences you fear (IF this, THEN that). You believed you were separate from everything and everyone, and needed to do this on your own. The moment you overcome the fear of consequence is the moment of true transformation.

You go from seeking outside for the truth, trying to change people and circumstances, so you can finally be happy and fulfilled, to understanding that you are the only one that can change from within. 

It is up to you, (your free will), if you keep on finger-pointing and reacting with an attitude of separation, or if you start to reflect and respond with and attitude of oneness. Oneness does not require you to create a new, elite set of bonds. It is not a club or membership for a few enlightened or chosen ones. You have been in Oneness, all along – no subscription fees needed. All you do is REMEMBER. 

You stop blaming, you stop engaging, you stop caring what others think of you, and you start living the life you truly want to live. 

You learn to let go of any type of attachments, be it to people, things, to roles and identities, and to any story you believed in, and told yourself. You understand that you are here to dissolve all co-dependencies you established while you lived your life in the conditional world. 

When you get here, you will realize how crazy and beautifully perfect this game was designed for you, to experience your personal QUEST. You can see now, that you were, like a personage in LOST, trapped on a beautiful planet (instead of an island), which functions as a collective purgatory to let go of the idea of separation and lack, and discover Oneness and abundance instead. 


At this point, you will be granted access to the SOURCE CODE of the new game. It serves you as an oracle for the last part of your personal journey back to your beautiful innocence. The SOURCE CODE is a verbalization of what you already carry inside, locked up in your well protected, shielded heart.

It is your very heart, you tried to protect for so long that will lead your new life. 

And so the NEW GAME begins:

You gotta play backwards to find the key to the new GAME, just like in Ready Player One.

When the SOURCE CODE activates in you, you will fully unlock your shift in ATTITUDE and perspective. You will SEE and FEEL what ONENESS means: Everyone is YOU albeit a different aspect of YOU.

You realize Oneness when you dissolve the things that separate you from ¨the OTHERS“, and from Source – the all encompassing intelligence we stem from.

More and more JOY and EASE will come naturally to you. Once you consciously realize that all of this is your personal game, you see the simplicity of the algorithm this QUEST runs on. 

You smile, and you don’t take yourself and the world quite so serious anymore. You start living your ABSOLICIOUS LIFE. 

All that matters is right HERE, right NOW. 

Don’t worry. You’ll make it. Dead or alive.

REMEMBER: You are here TO PLAY.




“Run from what’s comfortable. 
Forget safety. 
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.
I have tried prudent planning long enough.
From now on I’ll be mad.
– Rumi

*Absolicious ART by KELLEPICS