The Paradigm of Survival is coming to an end. The Age of Innocence has already begun. While most human beings are not aware yet of a magical paradigm shift occurring, which completely alters our way of life and creation as a species, a growing collective with this awakened awareness has already started to create a new paradigm: A Paradigm in which man remembers: Man = God. The first Renaissance brought man to the conclusion that man is the measure of all things and source of value. During the Black Plague an immense craving for beauty in those dark times sparked a creative movement as never seen before in history. To bring light into the darkness. This current cycle brings that same phenomenon, but with a new level of consciousness, humans will start to remember their own beauty inside when it is reflected back to them from their outside reality. When we see beauty, we remember love and unity. The Second Renaissance is coming. Dystopia and Utopia develop in parallel. The only difference is what we focus on.

*Absolicious ART by Ricardo Rocha