Definition Source Code (Merriam Webster): A computer program in its original programming language before translation into object code.

A Source Code defines the basic functioning of a computer program. This program can be virtual or actual reality. 

The Source Code of the OLD WORLD game (Duality) was based on binary codes, where polarities were split to oppose each other. The Source Code of the NEW WORLD game (Oneness), is based on trinary codes, reuniting polarity (information and flow) resulting in a third force of limitless forward movement and co-creative action and passion. 

We have translated the backend coding of the new Source Code for a new world into object code (words/text), to make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

The Source Code provides the co-ordinates for structure and flow, as well as the underlying value system for an unconditional, absolutian society. It is rooted at the core (zero-point) of ABSOLUTIA and the basis for co-existence and for everything that is co-created.

Most of all, it is fun!

Dive in and explore 🙂

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