The term unconditional is thrown around a lot in the (spiritual) world. But what does that truly mean? What does embodiment of being and acting unconditionally look and feel like? Where are the pinpointers? 

Unconditional love, life and sharing is competely free of attachments, expectations, self-interest, control, co-dependency, linear exchange, currency, deals (“what’s in it for me”), contracts, obligations, opinions, sides.

In the dimension of ONENESS, there are perspectives, different ways of being and doing, acceptance, respect, empowerment, the love for diversity. 

Look into nature, how diverse it is, and how it functions as a non-linear organism without pricetags, contracts, regulations and laws, comparison, competition, etc. Nature does not know separation, it is one big superorganism we are part of, but we forgot that we are. 

This is what we are returning to. Unconditional living, loving and sharing. Our true nature. From the inside out.

Unconditional living means to be SELF-SOURCING. It has nothing to do with the idea of being self-sustainable by having our own income or living off the grid. It goes far beyond that.  

(For more on that check out this discovery tale

It all starts with you. From within. Not someday. Here and now. In your inner center. The neutral zero-point. The nothingness, from which everything becomes possible. Going back to your own origin, before separation started. Before you were programmed with beliefs. Back to being your true, authentic, naked self. Your essence is the only thing that crosses over to another dimension. 


Who and what do you judge for being, doing or seeing things differently? For having a different opinion? Who and what do you blame for your own situation? 

Who do you need to fight against or for to finally have peace? Who do you try to please or appease for being loved and accepted? Who are you manipulating or cheating to survive? (All of this includes governments, teachers, big industry, the media etc). 

Asking yourself these questions is how you find where you are not loving unconditionally – and you are denying a part within you that keeps re-creating those people and situations to engage in in your reality and keep you distracted from your own inner peace and equilibrium. 

And even if you answered all these questions with “myself”, then you don’t love yourself uncondtionally yet. 

Self-love is the first key we need to find for true unconditional love, before we can move further into the awareness and embodiment of unconditional living beyond co-dependency. (It does not mean we have fully embodied self-love , but we are aware of self-love as a key, and keep embodying more of it as we bravely encounter our trauma, shadow and unprocessed emotions) 


Who are you making dependent on you, and/or who are you depending on? Who or what are you trying to influence/to control? (Think big, such as clients, coaches, employers, employees, banks, money, healthcare system, landlords, renting out, etc.)

Flourishing self-love will open our eyes up to all these co-dependencies in daily life. It shows you where you are playing the matrix game and are accepting to control and to be controlled, to abuse and to be abused. 

We realize that we are still compromising our freedom and our essence for the sake of survival. Where we prevent ourselves from fully embodying our essence and from thriving with joy. Where we are allowing to be disempowered, and where we disempower others. (It is never just one side, whether we like it or not, we always do both)

The awareness of unconditional living is the second key for embodying the unconditional. We leave co-dependency, and become independent as we detach more and more from the old paradigm. 
When we are moving into fully embodied self-love and we stop compromising on our essence, we are opening up for true oneness. The illusion of separation from others falls away. 

Unconditional sharing becomes the new normal.


What and how do you share with others. When you share, do you put conditions / expectations (active and passive control)  on it such as pricetags (including sliding scales), barter, a service or labor in return, a return on investment, a “being there for you” an easing of feeling guilt? Or do you share unconditionally with no expectation for a direct effect or return? 

The basis of unconditional sharing is a deep understanding of Oneness in an embodied form. We see and feel that each and everyone that we encounter is a part of us, the bigger body of humanity – a superorganism that fell and forgot and was no longer aware of ITSELF.  
Step by step, we are growing back into this larger SELF-Awareness, that we are not just the individual small „self“ we believed to be, and that we are not separate from each other. We realize that we/US are the SELF. You are a part of me, I am a part of you. When we share unconditionally, we don’t do it out of self-interest or out of survival or co-dependencies as described above. We do it because we know, with every sharing, we are contributing to the remembrance of the larger SELF and therefore the co-creation of a new world and reality where we live in harmony, where we thrive together, where we can fully be ourselves without any compromise. We are no longer co-dependent and separate, we become one and share out of SELF-LOVE for the whole SELF. We share for the sheer joy of sharing, no conditions attached. 

Unconditional sharing is the third key to open the door into a new paradigm. It all starts from within. It is all about moving from mistrust into trust and inner knowing. This new paradigm becomes possible for you when you remember. When you start loving yourself, when you start living unconditionally, and when you start sharing unconditionally. It does not have to be all at once. Step by step by step you move into the unconditional more and more, and leave the old and all of its illusions and limiting conditions  behind. You release and let go to make space for the new. 

Nobody will do it for you. Nobody will build it for you. It evolves and grows within you and with your contribution. You are a part of it once you start embodying the unconditional and are truly acting unconditionally. You just gotta start and move forward into the unknown. You gotta face your fears, your beliefs you took for granted, your conditioning, your shadows. A new adventure awaits! A deep dive into yourself to discover OURSELF. 

We realize that we are all interdependent. We are all ONE, diverse aspects of the whole, the SELF. Not only up there in the higher dimensions. Right here, right now, on this beautiful planet, we are all invited to remember, to play together, to co-create, to love and live in completely new ways. 

Are you open to play and create paradise together?

*Absolicious ART by 愚木混株CDD20