The Formula: UG+UR=US
(unconditional giving + unconditional receiving = unconditional sharing)

Unconditional means without conditions. What are conditions?

Conditions are acts you do with an expectation: If this…. then that…. Your mind creates conditions all the time. It is the basis of duality reality. Cause and effect.

Conditions are attachments to a certain outcome. They result in controlling and manipulative behaviour to ensure a certain result: To be safe, to be accepted, to be important, to be loved, to get attention, etc.

Conditions represent a PERSONAL INTEREST in the situation. You as an individual (ego) IDentity, want something out of it. You think you are entitled to something. These are usually unconscious protective mechanisms and strategies that are supposed to help you to prevent pain/death, or to receive love/attention.

Conditions are a linear thought form in time and space – and they are a linear exchange between two parties.

Unconditional is loving what IS as perfect. Including duality! No exceptions! (that would be conditional).

Unconditional means: without any personal interest: No expectations, no attachments, no survival, no „mine“ (be it resources or wisdom), no judgment, no blame, no separation.

When you are unconditional, you fully remember and embody oneness. You don’t do anything out of personal interest. Instead, you act from a place of such purity, that you automatically do what is benefiting the whole (the SELF/ All that is).

Simply said: Unconditional always happens spontaneously in the NOW moment. You can only create conditions by referring to the past and/or project into the future. Past and future are the home of the conditional ego. It cannot be here and now.

Unconditional is pure joy, pure knowing, pure innocence – just because it feels good. Unconditional happens when you are connected to ALL, when you have overcome the illusion of being a separate IDentity, and when you see everyone and everything as an aspect of YOU (the holistic SELF, Source, The Universe…)

Unconditional is living from your essence, from the inside out. It is allowing things to unfold, knowing everything is always perfect. You know that you create your reality, and no one or nothing else is responsible for what you see on your outside (reality) screen.

As long as you think your outside reality is controlling you, you are conditional. If I don’t do this… then this happens…. You permanently live in a fear of consequence, when you are in the conditional realm of duality (3D/4D).

Now, the (spritual) ego is a real trickster. We often think we are living and acting unconditionally, while in fact we have a controlling and/or manipulative program running unconsciously, trying to change the outer reality and behaviour of people.

How can I tell if I am truly living unconditionally?

Let’s look into the different elements of the formula:

Usually, as humans – we give something because we know there is a return on our investment (investment not only being money, but also our time, our talent, our wisdom, our attention…). We think… if I give this, I get this back in return. This can be an interest rate, reputation, attention, appreciation, karmic plus points to compensate for our guilt, admiration,… At the same time, we feel a sense of duty, because our role, our mission, our title, our situation, or whatsoever requires us to behave in a certain way. The human belief system of morality has a grip on us.

This is the way we have been conditioned, and we believe this is how the world works. And this is absolutely true for the realms of duality!

And honestly…. Doesn’t it feel good to be seen and celebrated as the hero, or the martyrer who is working so hard and is so selfless just to save the planet, the animals, the plants, humanity, etc.?

Doesn’t it feel good to save, rescue or fix someone?
And honestly…. how disappointing and frustrating is it if others don’t understand you and agree with you – or even worse – if they refuse your offer?

Yup… that is the ego speaking. You had an expectation – if not – you would not feel that way. The ego needs an identity. Something to identify with that makes you somehow special. The ego needs the illusion of separation in order to exist. It cannot stand the idea of being nobody or having nothing. It needs stimulation 24/7 to keep itself alive. it needs things to do, and stories to engage in, to show how clever and intellectual it is.

Can you see it? In such a situation, you are not here and now, you are separating, you are blaming and judging, you are driven from the outside reality…. and… you have a personal interest of some sort of return for your actions.

Unconditional giving is purely through the heart. It is non-linear. You give for the benefit of ALL with a deep inner knowing and a feeling of joy. You don’t have any attachment to an outcome, to a reaction, to a financial or karmic return… You don’t have a feeling of “mine”. Because you have no personal interest. You simply followed the impulse in the now-moment and it felt good. And… you are not offended if someone says „no“, because you had no expectation.

Usually, as humans, we receive something because we worked hard for it. If someone just gives something to us, we automatically feel shame – an unworthiness of receiving. We feel oblidged to give something back in return, if not – we would feel indebted to somebody. We need to give people a reason to give something to us. A return on their investment.

This is the way we have been conditioned, and we believe this is how the world works. And this is absolutely true for the realms of duality!

Receiving is hard for us, but at the same time we have certain wants, ideas, desires,…. as to what we would like to receive. We have an attachment and an expectation to what we receive. It has to be satisfying and aligned with our „vision“.

And honestly, doesn’t it just feel so rewarding and so successful, when you get exactly what you asked for?

And honestly, how disappointing and frustrating is it when you get something you did not ask for and you think you don’t need? And even worse, if it is the opposite of what you expected? And people seem to not care about your situation?

The ego speaks again… You had a personal interest. You are trying to control and manipulate your outside reality and the behaviour of people. The ego is in the lead, again applying its strategies to prevent pain/death and to receive love/attention and gratification. You are taking your past experience and project it into the future. You are conditional with what you receive, and are closing yourself off from what is ready to be shared with you. You say „no“ out of a need for control.

Can you see it? In such a situation, you are not here and now, you are separating, you are blaming and judging, you are driven from the outside reality…. and… you have a personal interest of some sort of desirable result for your actions.

Unconditional receiving is radical acceptance of what is. It is seeing the benefit in each and every experience. It s a deep inner knowing that everything happens for you and nothing happens to you.

You see the benefit of every trigger and every situation. It is an opportunity for you to liberate yourself from conditions/conditioning. You simply know that you can’t just pick out the cherries and ignore your own inner shadows.

Unconditional receiving happens spontaneously in the NOW-moment. It is a receiving through the heart with a deep knowing that you always receive exactly what is needed, from moment to moment. It is a natural surrender to what is, and receiving what is necessary for you here and now. Very often what we need is not what our ego desires.

Unconditional receiving happens without personal interest. You don’t engage in the drama of outside reality perception, you know about the alchemist key within you. Once you purely act through the heart and let Source/SELF/ALL effortlessly work through you, you are always in the flow. You know that everything comes to you, no need to go and find or seek it. You receive with joy and gratitude without any shame, doubt or resentment. You naturally know what resonates and what does not, and saying „thank you but no“ is easy, without any regrets or need to control, when something simply does not feel aligned.

Unconditional sharing is the automatic result of unconditional giving and receiving. It is a natural, effortless flow between all that is, providing exactly what is needed in every single moment. It always happens here and now, it is the way the universe and nature work. A Superorganism. Organic, non-linear sharing, a non linear exchange. Always to the benefit of ALL. You simply follow your impulses. You don’t consider anything as „yours“, as you have no personal interest in anything. You know everything is always perfect. You just are. A vessel for Source/SELF/ALL to work through you. It is very simple. Every participant of this superorganism is sharing their essence with a deep inner knowing that they always receive what is needed through the SELF/Source/ALL, we are all an aspect of.

All it needs is a shift in perspective, an open heart, and an empty, „unconditioned“ mind.