The current world stage has disrupted our modus operandi. The ways as we have known them are no more. We can feel more separated than ever, or more united than ever. The only difference: Our perspective.

The world we live in is always in balance. Energetic patterns synchronize with energetic patterns and they equally distribute on one or the other side of polarity, some more, some less extreme. Our selective perception does not see it that way, because it overemphasizes our own world view, and we therefore think it is not balanced but unequally divided. We therefore don’t like this idea (we like to be the victim after all), but that is just how it is, and it is the code that runs the whole show in the backend. For every opinion and belief you find as much confirmation as debunking. There is always a force and counterforce. A poison and an antidote. A proof and a counterproof. It is simply the way our reality is set up.

Right now, the world is equally divided into pro- and anti-vaxxers. Some to the very extreme, others more moderate, and very few in the center / neutrality. The pro-vaxxers are blaming the anti-vaxxers of being exclusive and irresponsible, and are putting themselves first egotistically on cost of the safety of the collective. The anti-vaxxers are blaming the pro-vaxxers of being exclusive and irresponsible and are putting egotistically their own health first before someone else’s health, on the cost of freedom of the individual.

We seem so divided and separated that there is no way to find a common ground. Nevertheless, there is something that truly unites us: OUR FEAR. The pro-vaxxers are afraid to lose their health and their freedom permanently if people don’t get vaccinated collectively. The anti-vaxxers are afraid to lose their health and their freedom permanently if people get vaccinated collectively. Interesting, huh?

Take another example: The USA is equally divided into pro-Trumpers and pro-Bidens. The pro-Trumpers are blaming the pro-Bidens of being selfishly irresponsible and putting the US at risk to lose the values and economic power, as well as the reputation that the USA has been standing for ever since it was founded WITHIN the USA — America First. The pro-Bidens are blaming the pro-Trumpers that they are being selfishly irresponsible and are putting the values and economic power as well as the reputation of the US at risk — OUTSIDE OF THE USA — World first. By the way, both, Patriots and Democrats are just as afraid of being discriminated by the other side.

What unites us? Right, our fear of losing the foundation of what we are standing for. We are all afraid of losing our reputation, our income, our safety, our ability to provide for our loved ones. We are all afraid of not being safe and not being free.

Gun control? The right to defend ourselves vs. the right to be protected by the state? The fear we share: Losing our individual safety and comfort zone.

We always are afraid of losing control / being controlled, and of losing our individual freedom. We all are afraid of not being seen and valued and of not surviving (however we define that individually).

Go on, take any example you can find of a conflict and split that seems unsuperable. It does not matter if it is individually or collectively. It does not matter how dramatic or cruel or evil it looks and feels. Dive deeper, into the layer of fear. You will always find the same shared fear patterns. You will always find unity in the illusionary separation. You will always find the common ground with people you perceive as your enemies. You will always find a fearful, struggling inner child with childhood trauma that just wants to be safe, be seen, and be loved.

That is what unites us all. Always. We are all humans, we all carry trauma, and the same codes and patterns. The only difference is the story how they manifest for us. And we can transcend them, when we start seeing, recognizing and feeling them. Taking responsibility for our feelings instead of making others responsible. Facing our own inner darkness instead of projecting it onto others. We have all co-created the world together the wqy it is today. We have all participated. We have all played the game. We have all been victims and perpetrators. We have all competed and tried to survive, even to the disadvantage of others. We have created it, and we are the only one’s who can end it. Within us. Not by changing the others or the world.

What divides us is the belief and the story we are attached to. Where we feel we need to be right and are superior to others (and really — there are no others, just people that mirror our own fear and responsibilty back to us). What unites is the common ground of sharing the same fear pattern. We need to be radically honest, first and foremost with ourselves. It is up to us which perspective we are taking, whether we look into the mirror, and whether we unite or separate.

If we look on the world with our mind and our eyes, we are blind to the essential. We need to go deeper and see with our heart and its compassionate respect to find the unity and inner peace we have all been longing for.

The texts I share are always based in my own experience and observations. By no means I am claiming this to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to find their own truth and to be open to it changing as new information integrates. As this is universal wisdom of us ALL, I do not claim any copyright. Feel free to utilize and share, as long as you keep the text complete as it is so it keeps its energetic signature.
Thanks Vera

*Absolicious ART by ErikTanghe