The beauty of the Renaissance transmuted the Dark Ages of Europe. We are benchmarking this successful formula, adding fun and intention. It is time for Absolute Art Sensations, in short: AARTS.

These multisensual art pieces, experiences, missions and events, have the purpose to transform. By provoking emotions and mind-blowing sensations, to touch people in their core, facilitating a shift in perspective.

Absolute Art Sensations are beyond your imagination, and beyond of what you have ever seen before.

We are combining different art disciplines and technology. “El Somni del Celler de Can Roca” by Franc Aleu was the keystone of this new transformative art with a clear intention. It is the Brunelleschi Dome of the Second Renaissance.

FFabric creates and operates the funnel for augmented co-creation of “Absolute Art Sensations”.

“The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.”

– Lord Byron