FF Movement

The Second Renaissance may be the forthcoming period in human history.

It started already. It is undeniable that capitalism is coming to an end. More than ever, people are craving balance, creativity and experience. The transformational period we are in, is characterized by the transition from a money driven to a purpose driven era. This  is a peaceful and inclusive transition, lead by a community that embodies and shows a new empowered way of living and co-creating, inspired by the Fast Forward Movement, and based on the principles and universal values of FFellowism.


How would you like a world where you are free to fully be your true, natural self and where you only do what you love and feel like? Where you don’t have to constantly worry, fight, run, hide, defend, pretend, but you are fully appreciated and valued for who and what you are? Where no one tells you what to do, but you decide what you want to do?

A world without “have to’s” but with “want to’s”? How would you like a world without competition, greed and lack but with individuals that are empowered to make their choices? A playful and joyful world? And all you gotta do to create this world is to contribute with what you love doing anyways?

Yes, that is what we want, too. That is why we dedicate our time and energy fully into creating the conditions and environment for a new system, which is in its nature so perfect and flawless, that it makes capitalism obsolete.


Fast Forward Movement is dedicated to focus on root causes instead of symptoms – by being a community of inspiring examples and by provoking sensations and experiences that touch people in their core to facilitate a shift in perspective.

We are done with trying to fix the old. We are creating the new. We offer a door into a new world. A balanced world. A world of true fellowship. Where we are equal, but not the same.

A system we call FFellowism – a healthy human organism, based on universal natural laws, where everyone has their place and purpose. Where everyone is empowered, valued and seen. Where people reconnect to their essence, to people around them and to nature – where we reconnect to the original flow of life – not to unnatural work schedules, routines and structures.  


It is a time of great changes and we are at the brink of a paradigm shift. More and more people wake up to the fact, that the solution is not to endlessly try to treat symptoms, but to go directly to the root cause for fast change. 

There are millions of people out there with great visions, great ideas and great intentions. But they don’t know how to start to get it going and they often miss the common ground: clear values, a clear DNA. Sure, there are the old ways. Start ups, Crowd Funding, Loans…. But somehow it does not feel right to compromise the own purpose and values for the sake of money. Once the DNA is integrated into the own endeavour, 

We recognise, that we do not have any lack in our world wide community. There are all the talents, passion, intentions, ideas etc, out there, it is much more a question of how to find each other and direct our individual strength and purpose into something meaningful. The moment we see through the illusion of lack and „having to do it alone“, we see all the possibilities. 

This requires a platform where ideas and projects meet resources. Where an individual can offer their individual contribution to find others in the community to co-create. What is it that you can bring to the table for a joint purpose? Whether it is your creativity, your craftmanship, your vision and ideas, material resources like buildings, vehicles, machines, money… the platform matches you with your interests, passion and necessities. We call this social matchmaking platform „shared essence“.

People learn and by experience, that is our human nature. It is not about talking about the HOW, it is showing of what is possible. The best way of inspiration is giving people something they can relate to: Their physical body, their senses, their own daily life experience. Combine those with a completely new way of engaging, and you have the mindblowing WOW-effect that very often results in an AHA-Moment after having processed this experience. We call them AARTS (Absolute Art Sensations). All these experiences, no matter if it is an outdoor activity, a theatre play, an opera, a film, a party, a new manner of working (co-creating) are based on and driven by the Code of Co-Creation.

“So tell me – How do you plan on saving the world?

We’re not meant to save the world.

We’re meant to build a new inspiring one.”

– The Magician