We forgot that we are all part of a larger organism that does not work in a linear, schedule based, competitive way, but in cycles and in harmony.

We are a part of nature – we don’t stand above it, neither do we control it. The results of trying to do that is an immense imbalance – and we can clearly see  it in the world of today.

By observing nature and how she works, we rediscover the flow and harmony we all wish for deep down inside.

All of our processes are organic, and based on natural principles: Fractals and Cycles that are coded through a specific DNA and driven from the inside out.

Everything we do in Fast Forward is driven by a Code / DNA not by an individual person or a group.

Decision making is not democratic, it is synchromatic. People in their function and circle have the decision power as long as they are not impacting the responsibility of other functions and circles. Then, an interaction is triggered, and advice/feedback is to be asked for.

Our process management is based on interdependencies, not time based schedules. Our people related structures and processes are dynamic and based on empowerment of the individual, safe space to be and express who we truly are within an inclusive community.

Our software tools are non-linear and work in interactive circles.

“Originality consists of returning to the origin. Thus, originality means returning, through one’s resources, to the simplicity of the early solutions.”

– Antoni Gaudí